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2022 Information

2022 “Little Ambassador” of the Fair Program


Little Ambassadors is a program within our Seaforth Fall Fair where we will crown a “King” and a “Queen” representative for our fair.  Kids age 7-12. 


These titles will be based on a few of the following things:

  1. Each child will be asked to state their name, age, name of school, grade, favourite activity and favourite colour.  Children are welcome to have this written on a piece of paper to help them present this information in front of guests during the Friday night of our Fair.  Please take the time to practise this with your child before the big event. 

  2. Each child will be ranked on a points system which will be judged by our current JR and SR Fair Ambassador.  Points will be awarded for clarity of delivery of their personal information, impromptu questions, and also based on how many items they have entered into the current fair.  The final choice will be that of the JR and SR Fair Ambassador.

  3. Children will make one craft to enter into the fair with our group on the information night.  


Expectations of the “Little Ambassador” King and Queen:

  1. Your child will be asked to attend the fair on Friday September 16th around 6:45 pm with a start time of presentation at 7:00 pm. 

  2. Children will be asked to wear their sashes around the fair with the King and Queen wearing their “gear” and being seen at the fair on September 17th.  

  3. Each child will participate in a cake decorating competition for auction on the night of September 16th.  

  4. Each child will be asked to do a little impromptu question during our event on September 16th.  Children will pick an object from the bag and be asked to describe this item or discuss why they like it to the best of their ability.  You could practise this in advance by your child picking a toy and telling you a little bit about it.  


This program is to be FUN!!  We hope your child will have an excellent experience and want to come back each year to run for our program!

Seaforth Fall Fair “Little Ambassador” Application

Seaforth Agricultural Society

140 Duke Street

Seaforth Ontario N0K 1W0





FULL NAME: ______________________________________


ADDRESS: _______________________________________


PHONE: __________________________________________


EMAIL: ___________________________________________


BIRTH DATE: ______________________________________


EMERGENCY CONTACT: ____________________________

*Please let me know of any dietary restrictions so that we can accommodate during the program dinners and workshop days.*



Please follow the “Seaforth Fall Fair” on Facebook.  This information can also be found on the Seaforth Agricultural Society website under the Ambassador Tab.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Pam Zeehuisen.  Please also send applications to Pam Zeehuisen at: 


Thank you for your interest in the Seaforth Fall Fair “Little Ambassador” Program!

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