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The $100.00 Tomato Trio 


A $100 prize for the 3 best slicing tomatoes.  Tomatoes must be grown by the exhibitor. The tomato variety must be named on the entry tag. Stems must be on tomatoes. Tomatoes should not be washed; max. size is 10 cm. in diameter. They will be judged on uniformity (same size, colour & firmness etc).  All exhibitors agree to promotion ie. print, radio, television, video & social media. 

Special Prizes: 


Kids in Gr 8 or below as of June/22

1st - $100 – Mary Anne Snowdon 

2nd - $50 –Nieuwland Feed and Supply

3rd - $25 – Crystal Whyte 

4th -$ 10- NK Seeds

5th- $ 10 NK Seeds

6th-$ 10 NK Seeds

7th- $ 5 NK Seeds

8th- $ 5 NK Seeds

9th- $ 5 NK Seeds

10th- 5 NK Seeds

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