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2023 Information


Community Leaders of Tomorrow Today!

What is a Fair Ambassador?

Our Fair Ambassador is a youth leader for our Agricultural Society and community.  When chosen, our ambassador will be representing our Fair and community at various local events throughout the year. The program assists youth with improving public speaking skills, engaging in new experiences, leadership experience and it all looks fantastic on a resume.

There are 3 different age groups for our ambassador program. Competitors can be male or female, thus allowing all young people the chance to experience this wonderful program.

What are the Benefits?

During the year of reign of the Seaforth Fall Fair, you can serve various community service hours to fulfill the requirements for your High School Diploma.  You will have an opportunity to receive a recommendation letter from our Fair Board, which can be used when applying for employment and/or post-secondary education.  As a Senior Ambassador you will receive a bursary.  You will also have many opportunities to learn more about agriculture and our local community.  During your year as a Seaforth Fall Fair Ambassador, you will be exposed to many opportunities to meet new people, enjoy new experiences, develop various skills and HAVE FUN!

What are the Categories?

(Please note that to be a part of our ambassador program and participate in the right category contestants must be the qualifying age before September 1st of the current year’s fair.)

  • Prince and Princess Ambassador ages 7 to 12 (as of Sept 1st)

  • Junior Ambassador ages 13-16 (as of Sept 1st)

  • Senior Ambassador ages 17-21 (as of Sept 1st)


Entry Deadline ~ TBA

For more information on how to enter the Ambassador Competition, please contact Pam Zeehuisen at:

Cell: 519.525.5319 or email at

**Please Note: Changes may be made without notice at the discretion of the Committee and all decisions made by the committee are final.**

What's Required?
  • Senior Ambassador is awarded a scholarship (TBA) toward post secondary education, trade school, or starting a small business at the end of their reign with proof of registration.

  • Each Jr. and Sr. contestant will be required to complete an interview, speech, impromptu question and a “brag board” about themselves and submit a resume.

  • A “brag board” is a visual presentation of photos and text to present the contestants accomplishments, hobbies and more!  Board to be provided and displayed during the fair.

  • Jr. and Sr. Contestants will also prepare a 2-3 minute speech on one of the following topics: Urban Agriculture, Youth and their role in agriculture, Agriculture in Huron County, or about growing up in a small town.  

  • Contestants will be judged on their interview, speech, community fair knowledge and involvement, presentation and personality.

  • Prince and Princess Ambassadors will speak about themselves  (name, age and something they like about the fair or something unique about themselves.) 

  • All Contestants must be available to carry out their duties during the fall fair. Ambassadors will also represent the Seaforth Fair at various functions within the community throughout the year.

  • Ambassadors have the opportunity to attend district meetings of the OAAS (Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies), (usually one in the fall and one in the spring.)

  • Senior Ambassadors also have the opportunity to attend the OAAS Convention in February in Toronto, and based on eligibility may compete in the CNE Ambassador Competition in August.


Haskett Funeral Homes Seaforth

MGM Townsend Tire

MacDonald Automotive Performance Inc.

McKillop Mutual Insurance Co.

Keith Siemon Farm Systems

Stratford Crane

RTM North Ltd.

Angela Smith Photography
Greyhaven Gardens 

Past Ambassadors

2019 Kiara Driscoll Ambassador
2018 Emily Anstett Ambassador
2015 Maranda Klaver  Ambassador
2013 Danika Klaver Ambassador
1998 Sarah Bennewies Ambassador
1997 Amanda MacDonald Ambassador
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