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Celebrating the History of  the Seaforth Fall Fair


Our Volunteers make our Fairs Memorable

As we ramp up for the 2022 Seaforth Fall Fair, we need more volunteers to make it a smooth operation. If you have an interest in helping our Fair committee, please contact us at

Fair Committee

Warren Small President1
Betty Small Director
Gwen Good & Lyle Haney Directors
Crystal White Fall Fair Chair
Joan Whyte Prade Director
Lorna McKercher Home Craft
Kerri Whyte-homecraft
Barbara McIntosh Homecraft post
Karen Piett Homecraft
Kim Murray Fair Committee

Past Ambassadors

2019 Kiara Driscoll Ambassador
2018 Emily Anstett Ambassador
2015 Maranda Klaver  Ambassador
2013 Danika Klaver Ambassador
2009 Samantha Klaver Ambassador
2004 Ashley Marion (Wilson) Ambassador
1998 Sarah Bennewies Ambassador
1997 Amanda MacDonald Ambassador
1989 Leanne Carter Ambassador
1978 Joanne Rimmer (Shoveller) Ambassado
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