Committee: Joanne Maloney Flanagan (274-9111)  Location: Agriplex Show Barn Prize Money 1st-$5, 2nd-$4, 3rd-$3 



Snapshot size 4”x6” mounted on 5”x7” black Bristol Board.  Please attach entry tag on right top edge of Bristol Board, as shown. 

  1. Trucks – Then and Now 

  2. Things with Wings 

  3. Activities with Grandparent(s) or Grandpal(s) 

  4. Best Friends 

  5. Foggy Morning 

  6. Mother Nature at Its Best 

  7. Moving Water 

  8. A Celebration of Rural Life 

  9. Barnyard Babies 

  10. View from the Dock 

  11. Photo including Train tracks 

  12. County Harvest of By-gone days 

  13. Halloween Trick or Treaters 

  14. Fun in the Sand 

  15. Photo of Community event 

16. Special – In Memory of Evelyn Carter donates an additional $5 prize to 1st place winner 

      Collection of Four (4) Photos of Seaforth Fall Fair from years past 

      Mounted on 16” x 16” Black Bristol Board 

17. Special – “Barbara Broome donates an additional $5 prize to 1st place winner “Relics of Yesteryear” A Collection of four (4) Photos of old Barns, old Buildings, Old Machinery, etc. mounted on 16” x 16” Black Bristol Board. 

*** Mary Fotheringham Donates $20 for Most points in Classes 1 – 17.***  

18.  Huron East Heritage Committee Special – 1st - $25, 2nd - $15, 3rd - $10  One 8” x 10” coloured photo of a Local Architectural Detail mounted on 9” x 11” Bristol Board with location noted on reverse.  (Winning photos become property of Architectural Committee) 


19. Page from Adult Colouring Book - mounted on Black Bristol Board 

20. Paint by Number 

21. Animals or Birds – Oil or Acrylic 

22. Any Subject - Oil or Acrylic 

23. China Painting - any medium 

24. A “Paint Night Project”-Not to exceed 24” 

**Freda Kerslake donates $5 (most points classes 19-24) 


25. Article for baby, machine sewn   

26. Page from memory album 

27. Best Felted wool scrap project 

28. Handmade Invitation 

29. Penmanship - write out this poem 

Country Scene 

The busy spider spins his web Behind the outhouse door 

While lazy shadows lengthen 

On the dusty wooden floor; 


In the barn the hay lies warm 

Beneath the sloping roof, 

While horses swish the flies away 

With tails and stomping hoof; 


The hens are clucking busily 

While chicks run all around; 

And rolly polly piglets 

Snort their noses on the ground; 


A gong heard in the distance 

Calls workers home to dine, 

While mother with her basket 

Takes the laundry from the line;  

                                                            By Linda Ori 


30.  Apron with a bib 

31. Handmade jewelry (displayed in a box) 

32. Cross Stitch Embroidery (not Counted Cross Stitch) 

33. An article on Plastic Canvas 

34. Cloth Grocery Bag 

35. “Oops” – any unfinished article 

**Donna Broadfoot donates $5 (most points classes 25-35)*** 


All Articles in Classes 36 – 41 to use 2020 Fair theme – “The Pick of the Patch” Class 

36. Article of traditional hand embroidery 

37. Microwave Bowl Holder 

38. Heritage Craft-soap, candle etc 

39. Handmade Heritage Gift box  

40. Table Centerpiece (less than 12”) 

41. ½ Apron 

***In Memory of Bessie Broome $10 (most points classes 36-41)*** 


42. Spring – Garden plant marker 

43. Summer – Framed stone/pebble art 

44. Fall – Autumn Table Decoration 

45. Winter – Quilt Block with Winter Scene Appliqued 



46. Wooden toy      

47. Welded Garden Ornament 

48. Outdoor Decorative Sign 

49. Wooden Serving Tray or Cutting Board 

50. Completed Piece of Work not listed in classes 19-49 

***Laurene Maloney donates $5 (most points classes 42-50)*** 



51. Door Wreath or Swag 

52. Table runner 

53. Holiday Ornaments 2 different Techniques- Displayed in a box 

54. Christmas Potholder 

55. New Year’s Wine Bottle Bag 

56. Christmas Apron 

***Joanne Maloney Flanagan donates $5 (most points classes 51-56)*** 


ANTIQUES – articles to be 50 years old or older 

57. Prize book from a past Seaforth Fall Fair 

58. Broach 

59. Eyeglasses 

60. Marriage Licence/Certificate 

61. Metal or Wooden Toy under 15” 

62. Oil Can under 12” 

63. Entry tag or Entry from past Seaforth fair fall 

64. Handheld School Bell 

65. Memorabilia from a past Seaforth Fall Fair i.e. trophy, rosette, plaque 

66. Toothpick Holder 

67. Mustache Cup 

68. Three 4-H Spoons-Displayed in a Box 

69. Postcard Featuring Fair Theme- The Pick of the Patch

***Barbara McIntosh donates $10 (most points in classes 57-69)*** 

**SPECIAL - In memory of Mary Finlayson $10 (most points in Section R)*** 



NEW LONG TERM CARE SECTION  Open to any Long Term Care Resident – no fair membership fee required to enter Prize Money  1st - $5, 2nd $4, 3rd - $3 

70.  Page from adult colouring book 

71.  A painting project 

72.  Pet Rock 

73.  Penmanship – Write out the following poem: 

Walking With Grandpa

I love to walk with Grandpa;

His steps are short like mine. 

He doesn’t say, “Now hurry up!”

He always takes his time. 

Most people have to hurry. 

They do not stop to see. 

I’m glad that God made Grandpa

Unrushed and young like me. 

By Steve McEachern 

74. A knitted or crocheted article 

75. A pinecone ornament 

76. Tea for Two: Cut flower arrangement in a cup and saucer