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2023 Information

Committee: Joanne Maloney Flanagan (274-9111) Location: Agriplex Show Barn

Prize Money 1st-$5, 2nd-$4, 3rd-$3

Snapshot size 4”x6” mounted on 5”x7” black Bristol Board. Please attach entry tag on right top edge of Bristol 
Board, as shown.

1. 4-H activity at the Fair
2. Photo depicting the 2023 Fair Theme- “Let’s Party ‘til the Cows Come Home”
3. Photo from 2022 Seaforth Fair
4. A Fair Ambassador Participating in Different Activities
5. A Garden Critter(s)
6. Mother Nature at Its Best 
7. Waterfalls
8. Red-photo predominantly featuring the Colour Red
9. Reflections
10. Nature Closeup 
11. Tree(s) in Blossom
12. Cooling Off on a Hot Day
13. Child (Children) with Farm Animals
14. Scenery from Vacation Trip
15. Farm Fresh Fruit or Vegetable harvest
16. Gone Fishing
17. A Lighthouse
18. Furry Friend(s)
19. A Farmer in their Field
20. My Favourite Activity

Black and White Photos (maximum size 4” x 6”)
21. A Steel Bridge- indicate location on tag
22. A War Memorial
23. Back in the Day-any activity taken at least 30 years ago
25. An Abandoned Building

MOST POINTS CLASSES 1-25 -$20.00 Cash 


Two Photos- Mounted on Black Cardboard with ½ inch border
26. Two photos of same scene in Two seasons
27. Two photos of a Building -under Construction and when Completed
28. Two photos of Seaforth Fall Fair Activities
29. “A Chip Off the Old Block”- two photos depicting two Persons Resembling Each other
30. My Flower Garden-two photos
MOST POINTS CLASSES 26-30 - $10.00 cash

*****Entries Must be made in last two years and must be work of the Exhibitor

31. Coloured Page from Adult Colouring Book-mounted on Bristol Board 
32. A Collection displayed in a Box or Frame (box or frame not to exceed fifteen inches)
33. Diamond Painting
34. A Watercolour
35..Painting-Any Subject-Oil or Acrylic 
36. Charcoal, Pencil or Pen and Ink Drawing
37. A “Paint Night Project”-not to exceed 24”
38. A Burlap Project
39. Page from Scrapbook Album-Vacation Theme
40. Felted Wool Article
41. Handmade Invitation
42. Penmanship-write out the following poem 

"The Cow-by Robert Louis Stevenson
The friendly cow all red and white,
I love with all my heart;
She gives me cream with all her might,
To eat with apple-tart
She wanders lowing here and there,
And yet she cannot stray,
All in the pleasant open air,
The pleasant light of day.
And blown by all the winds that pass,
And wet with all the showers
She walks among the meadow grass,
And eats the meadow flowers."

43. Handmade Jewelry (displayed in a box)
44. Cross Stitch Embroidery (not Counted Cross stitch)
45. An Article of Counted Cross stitch
46. A Handmade Birthday Card for a Significant Birthday with envelope
47. Handmade Bookmark
48. “Something Useful from Something Useless”
49. An Item made from Terra Cotta Pots
50. An article made using Buttons
MOST POINTS CLASSES 31-50- $20.00 Cash
- $10.00 for First Place in Class 51
51. Oops”-any unfinished article” entered in 2022 Fair that has been completed by 2023 Fair


All Articles in Classes 52- 56 to use 2023 Fair Theme-
“Let’s Party Until the Cows Come Home”

52. A Bib Apron
53. A two page Scrapbook Page layout
54. Table Centrepiece-using fair theme (less than 12 “)
55. Nature Art-Picture using items found in nature i.e. moss, twigs, seeds, stones, etc (may use some additional itms not 
in nature, i.e cow figures, etc.)
56. A Handmade Child’s Birthday Card

MOST POINTS CLASSES 52-56- $10.00 Cash

57. Spring-A Fairy Garden
58. Summer- A Beach Stone Creation-picture or other craft
59. Fall- Autumn Table Decoration 
60. Winter-A Snowman article

61. Wooden Toy
62.Wooden Serving Tray or Cutting Board
63. Welded Garden Ornament
64. Article made from Bolts, Nuts, etc.
MOST POINTS CLASSES 57-64- $10.00 Cash

65. Door Wreath or Swag
66. A Handmade Christmas Card with envelope
67. Holiday Ornaments-2 different techniques-displayed in a box
68. Christmas Potholder
69. Nativity Scene-no larger than 14”-to include Mary, Joseph, Jesus and at least two animals
70. Christmas Apron

MOST POINTS CLASSES 65-70- $10.00 Cash

ANTIQUES-articles to be 60 years old or older 
***including a short description of article and approximate date.

71. Rolling Pin
72. Collection of 3 Cookie Cutters
73. Souvenir Article from an Ontario Destination
74. Display of Keys (at least 3)
75. Granite Strainer
76. Cream/Milk Bottle with Advertising 
77. Greeting Card-any occasion
78. Queen Elizabeth II Memorabelia
79. Metal Coin Bank
80. Guess What? (Answer to be in an envelope)
MOST POINTS CLASSES 71-80- $20.00 Cash

****NEW – VINTAGE-articles to be 30 years old or older 

81, A whimsical Salt and Pepper
82. Costume Jewellry-displayed in a small box or mounted on cloth
83.Eyeglasses “I can’t believe I wore those”
84. Team or Class Picture dated 
85. Vintage T-shirt with logo, sports team, concert, school, etc.
MOST POINTS CLASSES 81-85- $10.00 Cash

Class open to any Nursing Home /or Retirement Home Resident-no fair membership fee required to enter. 
1st-$5, 2nd-$4, 3rd- $3
86. Page from Adult Colouring Book
87. A Painting Project
88. A Small Fall Floral Arrangement -using artificial Flowers
89. Handmade Birthday Card
90. Penmanship-print or Write this verse


Let the Evening Come-by Jane Kenyon

Let the light shine in the late afternoon
Shine through the chinks in the barn,
Moving up the bales as the sun moves down.

MOST POINTS CLASSES 86-90 $10.00 Cash

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