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2023 Information


Contact: Betty Glanville 527-0236 or Seaforth Ag Office 527-1321
(*) indicates a special 1st - $5 (5 pts), 2nd -$4 (3pts), 3rd -$3 (2 pts)

1. All canning to be displayed in 500ml(pint) jars. Jars must be clean and properly sealed. These 
jars are easier to display and less waste. 
2. No wax and no food colouring 
3. Tags can be picked up at the Seaforth Ag. Society office, Library, Town Hall, Pete’s Paper Clip and 
Blooms N Rooms. 
4. Entry tags are to be attached to jars with elastic. Follow diagram of tag. 
5. If you are a “New Exhibitor” please print “New” on top right corner of your tag. 


1. Applesauce 
2. Pears 
3. Peaches 
4. **Pineapple Betty Glanville donates additional $5 to 1st place 
5. **Strawberries- New Exhibitor Special In memory of Mary Finlayson donates additional $5 to 1st place
** Special 



6. Cooked strawberry jam 
7. Cooked raspberry jam 
8. **Cooked blueberry jam ** In Memory of Mary Finlayson donates additional $5 to 1st place
9. Marmalade- your choice recipe attached to entry tag
10. Most unusual jam recipe attached to entry tag
** Special


11. Pickled beans yellow 
12. Pickled beets
13. Hot dog Relish
14. Bread and Butter Pickles
15. Dill Pickles with garlic
16. Dill Pickles no garlic
17. Mild salsa 
18. Chili sauce
19. Spaghetti sauce 
20. Maple Syrup -Amber Grade 500 mL glass container- winner will go on to District Competition
21. Honey-500 ml glass container-winner will go on District Competition
22. Creative Craft Theme: Let’s Party ‘Til the Cows Come Home
The best decorative and or functional homemade craft using a Bernardin Mason jar and 2 piece snap lid.


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