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2023 Information


Committee: Crystal Whyte 519 525 6600

Location: Agriplex Show Barn 
All flowers must be grown by you! (except where noted, Class 29) 
Cut flowers will be judged on uniformity of colour, shape, and overall health. 
Entries should have some foliage attached to plant. Please, no foliage below water line. 
A Bloom is a single flower on a stem. 
A Stem may have more than one flower or bud. 
A Spray is a portion of the plant that has many blooms. 
House plants should be grown by you for at least 2 months, and generally kept indoors, unless otherwise indicated. 
Please attach entry tag with an elastic band.

Extra prizes will be awarded for entrants with the most points in each Cut Flowers (Class 1-19), Roses (Class 20-22) 
Arrangements (Class 23-32), and Section S (Class1-39). Points will be assigned as follows: 1st place=5 points, 2nd place 
=3 points, and 3rd place =2 points.

CUT FLOWERS 1st-$5, 2nd -$4, 3rd -$3

1. Asters, 3 blooms 
2. Black-eyed Susans, 5 stems 
3. Butterfly Bush, 3 stems 
4. Chrysanthemums, 3 sprays, any one variety 
5. Cosmos, 3 stems 
6. Dahlias, 3 blooms, assorted colours, foliage attached 
7. Dahlias, 1 bloom 6” (15 cm) or more across 8. Hydrangeas, white, 3 stems 
additional prizes $2 each for 4th

- 10th place donated by The Lawnmaster 

9. Hydrangeas, any other colour, 3 stems 
10. Impatiens, best display, mixed colours 
11. Marigolds, best display, any size 
12. Sedum, 3 stems 
13. Sunflower, 3 blooms, less than 6” diameter 
14. Phlox, 3 stems 
15. Zinnias, 3 blooms 
16. Zinnias, pompom variety, 3 stems 
17. Any perennial flower in bloom, not listed above, 1 stem, named 
18. Any annual flower in bloom, not listed above, 3 stems named
19.** Junior Farmer Special** Largest Sunflower head

1st-$20 , 2nd $10 and 3rd $5 donated by Kirsten McIntosh
Additional Prize: Best in Cut Flowers. $20 donated by the Seaforth Horticultural Society is awarded to the grower 
with the most points in Classes 1-19. 


ROSES 1st- $5, 2nd- $4, 3rd- $3 

20. Miniature Roses, a display of at least 3 blooms, different varieties 
21. Rose, any rose with own foliage 
22. Floating rose, 1 bloom, fully open, no foliage 
Additional Prize: $10 to grower who has most points in Classes 20-22. 
ARRANGEMENTS 1st -$5, 2nd -$4, 3rd -$3 

23. Lemon Pie- An arrangement of yellow and white flowers
24. Afternoon tea- An arrangement in a teapot 
25. Kitchen Caper- A design that uses kitchen utensils as accessories
26. Snow White: an arrangement of white perennial flowers and evergreen foliage
27. Preserved: A miniature arrangement within a mason jar. 
28. Canning: An arrangement of mixed cut flowers using a mason jar as a vase. 
29. Wild: Arrangement of wildflowers in a boot 
30. Dining Table: Arrangement for the centre of a dining table, with the fair theme “Let’s party Til 
the Cows Come Home”
31. Big: A large bouquet of large cut flowers in a very sturdy vase 
32. **Hummingbird Delight: the Mary Vander Molen Special, arrangement of flowers that attract hummingbirds

1st- $20, 2nd- $15, 3rd- $10 donated by The Lawnmaster
Additional Prize: Best in Arrangements. $10 to the grower with most points in Classes 23-32 donated from 
Seaforth Horticultural Society 

33.**Special** Pollinator Arrangement-bouquet with a minimum of 3 plants(from the list below) .

Prizes donated by The Lawnmaster 1st- $20, 2nd- $10, 3rd- $5

Pollinator Plant list- Aster, Basil, Black-eyed Susan, Bee Balm, Blanket flower, Butterfly Bush, Butterfly weed, Cone 
Flower, Cornflower, Coral Bells, Cosmos, Geranium, Joe-Pye Weed, Lavender, Lupine, Phlox, Marigold, Mint, Milkweed, 
Nasturtium, Obedient plant, Rosemary, Sage, Salvia, Sedum, Stonecrop, Sunflower, Sweet William, Tickseed, Yarrow, 

Additional Prize Extra Prize: Best in Floral. A $20 gift certificate donated from Seaforth Jewellers will be awarded 
to the grower with the most points in Section S (Floral)

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