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2024 Information


Committee: Barbara McIntosh (519 233-7225)
NO LEAVES IN THE WATER- Judges will deduct points or even disqualify the entry due to leaves 
in water.

Choose specimens that are fresh and uniform size. Remove any buds as a bud is considered a bloom. 

Attach the entry tag with string or an elastic band. Water can be provided. Containers taken into 
consideration when judging Classes 1-5 & 22

1.Early years, J.K., S.K., Gr. 1 & 2: Arrangement of Flowers with carrots in the water
2.Early years – J.K., S.K., Gr. 1 & 2: Arrangement of Hydrangeas in a Boot. Boot must have a container 
inside to hold water and be able to stand on its own.
3.Gr. 3 – 5: Arrangement of small sunflowers in a recycled container. Sunflowers must be less than 6” in 
4.Gr. 3 - 5: “Our Roots Run Deep” Arrangement of Black-eyed Susan’s with root vegetables in a container 
of your choice.
5. Gr. 6 - 8: Dining Table arrangement for fair theme “Our Roots Run Deep”
** Seaforth & District Horticultural Society additionally donates $2 to the 1st place winners in 
classes 1-5
6.Small Sunflowers, 3 blooms
7.Cosmos, 3 blooms
8.Sedum 3 stems 
9.Hydrangeas any colour, 3 stems
10.Rose of Sharon, 3 blooms
11.Zinnia, 3 blooms
12.Hosta leaves 5 different varieties
13.Black-eyed Susan’s, 3 blooms
14.Perennial Grasses in a Mason Jar
15.Dahlias, 3 blooms
16.Echinacea, Coneflower, 3 blooms
17.Marigold, 3 blooms
18.Gladiolus 1 Spike
19.Butterfly Bush, 3 Blooms
20.Largest sunflower head

**Seaforth & District Horticultural Society donates $10 (most points in classes 6-20) **

21. A Nature Bug Made of Plant Material
Mary Fotheringham donates 1st -$15, 2nd- $10, 3rd-$5, 4th-$3
22. Egg Farmers Special- A Floating flower in an Egg Cup 1st-$15, 2nd-$10, 3rd-$5, 4th $3
23. Lawnmaster Special Pollinator arrangement – bouquet with a minimum of 3 plants (from the list 
below) that attract bees, insects, etc. For the Fall theme “Our Roots Run Deep”
Pollinator Plant list- - Aster, Basil, Black-eyed Susan, Bee Balm, Blanket flower, Butterfly Bush, Butterfly 
weed, Cone
Flower, Cornflower, Coral Bells, Cosmos, Geranium, Joe-Pye Weed, Lavender, Lupine, Phlox, Marigold, 
Mint, Milkweed, Nasturtium, Obedient plant, Rosemary, Sage, Salvia, Sedum, Stonecrop, Sunflower, 
Sweet William, Tickseed, Yarrow, Zinnia

Prizes donated by The Lawnmaster 1st - $15, 2nd - $10, 3rd - $5, 4th - $3


Paper Plate Scarecrow 
1st-$5, 2nd-$4, 3rd-$3, 4th-$2, 
24.Scarecrow Early years J.K., S.K., Gr. 1 & 2
25.Scarecrow Gr. 3 - 5
26. Scarecrow Gr. 6 – 8

Nature’s Nest of Londesborough donates a $10 gift certificate to each of the 1st place winners in 
Classes 24 - 26

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