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HOMECRAFT RULES AND REGULATIONS All Seaforth Agricultural Society rules apply, see website for details as well as the following:

A. Homecraft articles for competition can be dropped off at the Agriplex between 6-9 pm on Wednesday September 14 and between 8:00 am- 11 am on Thursday September 15 and properly located in their departments.


B. All Entries must have an entry tag attached and each entrant must submit a competed entry form online or a paper copy. Forms and tags can be picked at office.


C. Payment of $5 will constitute a yearly associate membership and will entitle the member so paying to compete in any or all of the regular departments. All parties having paid their membership and only such will be entitled to compete.

D. Prize winners to the amount of $15 or over are required to leave membership fee for the year 2023.

E. All articles exhibited must be new and the work of the exhibitor. Professional exhibitors are barred.


F. No competitor will be entitled to exhibit more than one article in any one class of a section.


G. Judges will be particularly requested to have regard to merit in all articles exhibited for competition, and to withhold any prizes if they consider the article undeserving.


H. Entries not to be removed from Agriplex until 4:00 pm and no later than 5:30pm on September 17.


I. Prize money can be picked up from the Agriplex office on September 17 at 4:00 when entries are picked up.

Points will be assigned as follows: 1st place=5 points, 2nd place =3 points, and 3rd place =2 points, In the youth section 4th place= 1 point.

Seaforth Agricultural Society reserves the right to substitute prizes.

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