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2024 Information


Committee: Eileen Malone (522-2017), Elaine Brown (523-9163)
1st-$5, 2nd-$4, 3rd-$3, 4th-$2

Choose medium sized vegetables of uniform size and shape. Brush off as much dirt as possible without 
washing. Leave at least 2.5 cm stems on all vegetables (unless otherwise stated). Put on plates or use 
suitable containers for ease of transport and judging.

1.Sweet corn, 2 cobs
2.Green Peppers, 2
3.Hot Peppers, 2
4.Uncommon vegetable, 1 (eg. okra, purple pepper, kohlrabi, named)
5.Carrots, 3
6.Vegetable person
7.Beets, 3
8.Onions, 2, skins on
9.Red tomatoes, 3
10.Red potatoes, 4
11.Green tomatoes, 2
12.Variety of vegetables, 5
13.White potatoes, 4
14.Sunflower head, decorated, not judged by size
15.Rainbow made from vegetables
16.Sunflower with a face
17.Pumpkin with a face, drawn or carved, JK - Gr. 2
18.Pumpkin with a face, drawn or carved, Gr. 3 and over
19.Cherry type tomatoes, 5
20.Most naturally grown, odd-shaped vegetable
21.Toy made from vegetables in current fair theme
22.Best looking pumpkin or squash, uniform shape and colour
23.Tree made from legumes on a firm plate.


Prizes donated by The Lawnmaster 1st - $15, 2nd - $10, 
3rd - $5, 4th - $3.
24. One Garlic Head
**McKillop Mutual Insurance Co. donates $10 (most points), $8 (2nd most points), $5 (4th most 
**Eileen Malone donates $7 (3rd most points

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