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Committee: Lorna McKercher (527-2769), Crystal Whyte (527-2937) 

Kerri Whyte (527-1966) 

All entries need to be the work of a child entering it. 

Only one entry per person per class. 

1st-$5, 2nd-$4, 3rd-$3, 4th-$2 



AGES 4 and under Class 

  1. In your best printing, print your name & decorate page (8.5” x 11”) 

  2. Drawing “My Family” any medium (8.5” x 11”) 

  3. Homemade Bookmark 

  4. Tractor or farm equipment using hand or foot print 

  5. Egg Carton with a Collection in it (12 rocks, sea glass, pinecones, etc.) 


AGES 5 – 8 Class 

6. Lego creation or other block creation, (n11.o kits, max. 30cm x 30cm) 

7. Pinecone craft (create something out of Pinecones – other craft materials permitted as accents)

8. Fridge magnet 

9. Handmade bookmark 

10. Rocketship out of recycled material28. 


Age 9-14 Class

11. String Art 

12. Birthday Card for a Friend – any media, computer may be used 

13. Painting on Canvas, any theme – no larger than 16” x 20” -fair theme “The Pick of the Patch”

14. Lego or other block creation, (no kits, max. size 30cm x 30cm) 

15. Birdhouse and/or Birdfeeder from recycled materials



All photos must be mounted on bristol board with 1/2” border and taken by exhibitor

If unable to print them they can be emailed to - include exhibitor name and class to be entered in

Age 8 and under Class

23. Animal(s) 

24. Family member(s) 

25. A Fun Toy 

26. “The Pick of the Patch” – Fair Theme 

27. “Yummy” 


AGES 9 - 14 class 

28. “Fun Time” 

29. Selfie 

30. “The Pick of the Patch” – Fair Theme 

31. Scene of your choice, (no people) 

32. Scrapbook page or Pic Collage – My Friends and I


FOOD/COOKING (to be displayed on a paper plate and covered)

AGES 8 and under Class 

33.  Decorated Gingerbread cookie, (judged on appearance only) 

34.  Muffins, any variety, 3 

35.  Favourite Healthy Snack (recipe attached) 

36.  3 decorated chocolate dip pretzels


AGES 9-14 

37.  Decorated 8” x 8” cake (judged on appearance only) 

38.  Muffins, any variety, 3 

39.  Brownies, 4 (no icing) 

40.  Favourite Healthy Snack (recipe attached) 

41. Loaf of homemade white bread*

Crystal Whyte donates an additional 10$ for 1st place in homemade bread


Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies (OAAS) Plain Chocolate Chip Cookie Competition

Up to age 15 (as of December 31, 2022). 

8 cookies (no nuts), no larger than 3” or smaller than 2” displayed on a firm, disposable plate. 1st-$5, 2nd-$4, 3rd-$3, 

4th-$2 Winner will be entered in the District 8 Competition. 

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