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2024 Information


Committee: Lorna McKercher (226 339 8643), Crystal Whyte (527-2937)
Kerri Whyte (527-1966)

All entries need to be the work of a child entering it.
Only one entry per person per class.

1st-$5, 2nd-$4, 3rd-$3, 4th-$2


AGES 4 and under

1.Play dough food item on a small plate
2.Drawing “My Family” any medium (8.5” x 11”)
3.Homemade Bookmark
4.Cow using hand or foot print
5.Egg Carton with a Collection in it (12 rocks, sea glass, pinecones, etc.)
AGES 5 – 8
6.Popsicle insect- may include other materials
7.Homemade Wind Chime
8. Fridge magnet
9.Handmade bookmark
10.Rocketship out of recycled material

AGES 9 – 14

11.Welcome Sign for Garden-any medium no more than 12” x 12”
12.Decorated Walking Stick
13.Painting on Canvas, any theme – no larger than 16” x 20” -fair theme “Our Roots Run Deep”
14.Barn made out of Popsicle Sticks may include other materials
15.Birdhouse and/or Birdfeeder from recycled materials

All photos must be mounted on bristol board/Card stock with 1/2” border and taken by exhibitor

AGES 8 and under

16.Family member(s)
18.“Our Roots Run Deep– Fair Theme

AGES 9 - 14
20.“Fun Time”
22.“Our Roots Run Deep” – Fair Theme
23.Scene of your choice, (no people)
24. Pic Collage – 8.5” x 11”

FOOD/COOKING (to be displayed on a paper plate and covered) 

AGES 8 and under

25.Decorated Gingerbread cookie, (judged on appearance only)
26.Muffins, any variety, 3
27.Favourite Healthy Snack (recipe attached)
28. Decorated chocolate dip pretzels(3)

AGES 9-14
29.Decorated 8” x 8” cake (judged on appearance only)
30.Muffins, any variety, 3
31.Brownies, 4 (no icing)
32.Favourite Healthy Snack (recipe attached)
33.Loaf of homemade white bread*

Crystal Whyte donates an additional 10$ for 1st place in homemade bread
5 Chocolate Chip Cookies (no nuts), no larger than 3” or smaller than 2” displayed on a firm, disposable plate. 1st-$5, 2nd-$4, 3rd-$3, 4th-$2 Winner will be entered in the District 8 Competition.

Crystal Whyte (527-2937) Kerri Whyte (527 1966) All work must into office by June 28, 2024
1st-$5, 2nd-$4, 3rd-$3, 4th-$2

Early Years

201.Paper Plate Cow
202. Animal made from shapes cut out of newspaper and pasted on any size Sheet, details may be 
added with other mediums
203.Painting about me

Grade 1

204.Crayon drawing of a farmer
205.Pizza craft made from paper
206. Painting using primary colours
207. Short piece of writing “On the Weekend”

Grade 2

208.Picture of a cow any medium
209.Painting using secondary colours
210.Short narrative titled “My Adventure”
211.Four-line poem

Grade 3

212.Crayon resist drawing of a fair scene
213.Hand drawn quilt pattern on a square piece of paper
214.Short story about an adventure or exciting event that really happened to them
215.Project, done in booklet form
216.Poem, 8 lines

Grade 4

217. 3,4,5 drawn and coloured flowers
218.Creative artwork using mixed media
219.Story titled “My Favourite Superhero”
220.Poem 16 lines
221.Les insects et les fleurs, booklet

Grade 5

222. Picasso! Make a face using magazine pictures
223.Written piece, Which superpower would you most like to have and why? Max. 250 words.
224. Project any topic on Bristol board
225.Poem, max. 16 lines
226. Ma Maison floor plan, 20 items labelled

Grade 6

229.City scene using the one-point perspective to create the illusion of distance
230.Make and decorate a paper airplane
231.Project, any topic, on Bristol board
232.Poem, max. 20 lines
233.French poster advertising a concert, pencil crayons

Grade 7

235. Graffiti Art
236. Best excuse for homework not being done
237. Project done in Booklet form
238. Poem max. 24 lines
239. French- a picture of your favourite celebrity with a brief description

Grade 8
240. Dot Art
241. Story titled “I am Canadian”
242. Poem, max 24 lines
243. French- story book for young children

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